Fabrics and Fashion

Organicality fashion is made using sustainable, cruelty-free, recycled, and fair trade fabrics.  We offer apparel, bags, and accessories all made with care and quality.

Our fashions currently incorporate the following fabrics, each offering a unique sensitivity to our environment and our global populations of people and animals.  We invite our customers to select fabrics and fashion that make them feel as good as they look by supporting their personal values of people and planet.

  • 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton: organic cotton produced following GOTS through the entire process from field to fashion.  GOTS certification also requires compliance with fair labor standards.
  • African organic cotton:  100% organic cotton that is grown, processed, and sewn in Africa.  May be fabric dyed in Africa prior to sewing or garment dyed in US.
  • Sustainable fleece: Recycled PET bottles and certified organic cotton.
  • Carbon-free cotton: Recycled conventional cotton that includes carbon offsets.
  • Transitional cotton blend: Recycled PET bottles and transitional cotton.  (This cotton is grown as organic in the 3-year period leading to certification.)
  • Sustainable cotton: Low-carbon footprint apparel.  The entire process from field to hanger happens within an 85-mile radius.  Currently conventional cotton.

Note: Dyed and screened products are produced to meet GOTS and Oeko-tex standards using non-chlorine bleaching methods, water-based inks, and low-impact, reactive dyes.  Products are pre-shrunk and PVC/phthalate free.

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