Who We Are

Organicality was founded to help increase consumer awareness, responsibility, and self-empowerment, especially among women, who currently spend 85 cents on the dollar for consumer goods in the U.S.

We pledge to provide you, the consumer, with high-quality, organic and sustainable apparel and personal care choices that are made in ways that are healthy for people, animals, and the planet.  See “Product Commitment” for more details.

What makes us different is our educational approach, which equips consumers to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and link spending to products that match personal values.  See “Community” to learn more and get involved.

Our objectives listed below support consumers who are already on the sustainability path as well as those who have yet to take that first step.

Raise awareness about the positive impact conscious consumerism makes on:

  • Personal and global health
  • Environmental and social justice
  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental protection
  • Corporate social responsibility

Research, develop, and seek out products that are aligned with the corporate mission and focus.

Connect consumers with healthy, sustainable products by delivering quality products, personalized service, and complete transparency.

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