In The Spotlight

TS Designs, Cotton of the Carolinas Organic

We have a lot of reasons to be thankful here in North Carolina.  We have beautiful mountains.  We have an amazing coast line.  For foodies, we have a broad range of great sources for tasty treats including micro-brews and food trucks.  Plus, we have this great climate where we can grow so many different crops.  Even so, we have not given up on one of our historic crops, cotton.

We want to put TS Designs in the spotlight for their dedication to this wonderful crop.  Eric, Tom, and their industry partners have worked tirelessly not only to bring us organic cotton, but also to revive the entire process from “dirt-to-shirt” in their words.  Last year they continued to refine their Cotton of the Carolinas program to include organic.  We are now on the cusp of seeing the fruits of their labors for the second year when 100% organic cotton shirts are made entirely within our state.

To help consumers understand the process and who in North Carolina came together to make this happen, each shirt has a code screened into the label along with a Web site leading to an interactive map that tracks the shirt all the way back to the cotton farm.  

You have our gratitude and admiration, as well as our organic cotton T-shirt order for the second year in a row!

Thanks for sharing your vision and building the collaboration required to help a lowly T-shirt make such a large impact.



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