On our journey to becoming aware consumers and good citizens of the planet, we are discovering and developing a library of reference materials and tools to help others along the way.


Articles – a running list of helpful articles to help you stay current.

Videos – links to videos that help you explore and understand current topics of health and the environment.


Meat eaters at your house?  Click here to download a new Meat Eater’s Guide to Health and the Climate.

Check your sunblock.  This tools lets you know which sunblocks are safest for you and your family.

Get a pesticide guide.  Print this handy guide for your wallet so you can make good decisions in the produce aisle.

Calculate your carbon footprint. Knowing how every day decisions impact us all gives you the power to make good decisions.  And it’s just fun to play with all the variables to see what happens.  Take a look.

Refer to the glossary. Greenwashing, footprint, peace silk.  We’re constantly bombarded with new terminology.  And new meanings for existing terms.  Now that’s recycling.  Visit the Glossary page to find out what’s new.  You can also suggest terms to add.

Hear it directly from the source. There seem to be stamps of approval and natural claims on everything these days.  Only some are based on any sort of certification.  Click here to see just some of the sources we trust, and you can, too!

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