At Organicality, we are on a mission to help you become a conscious consumer.  We are also constantly thinking of new ways to help us all make that connection between health and sustainability.

And that means Websites, Twitter, and Facebook just aren’t enough.  Maybe we’re old fashioned.  We love to meet our community face-to-face.  Plus, events give us a great opportunity to bring in experts in many topics that we would otherwise never meet, which means we can bring you even better information and products.

Our programs -

Practically Natural: The one-time conference that started it all – our launch.  We made so many new friends while sharing our knowledge of health, sustainability, and the connection between the two.

Organicality Meetup: Participant-directed groups that meet at interesting locations with a new green, heath topic each time.

One By Nature: A youth program created to educate girls about personal well-being and their connection to the world.

Wise Women: Coming soon.  A group connected to our sisters in the UK, focused on the environment.

Here’s a sampling of past events:

  • Organicality Meetup (September 2010) Organic brunch at General Store Cafe followed by a tour of Piedmont Biofuels.
  • One By Nature (July 2010) Registration closed.  Watch for new programs in 2011.
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