Top 10 Reasons You Decide Your New Cheap T-Shirt Isn’t So Great After All: Number 7

You wore your new red shirt once, and although you have come to terms with your new “pink” underwear, the shirt is falling apart and heading for a landfill.

Especially in these trying economic times, that cheap t-shirt seems like such a great bargain.  But if it’s one thing that really gets me going is the concept of disposable clothing.

Think about all the energy and effort that went into making even the poorest quality shirt.  The same steps go into making a shirt that will be around for one wearing as a shirt you’ll wear and enjoy over and over again.  So rather than spend your hard-earned money on a piece of apparel that you’ll wear and toss, a higher-quality shirt that costs a bit more will actually be a better bargain.

For example, you buy that red shirt for $5 at the big box store.  You wear it once.  That’s $5 for one wearing, and one more shirt in the landfill.  But let’s say instead, you buy a better-made shirt for $15.  You wear it many times and then pass it to charity for someone else to enjoy.  No need to do the math.  And no need to point out that you’ll look better and of course, smarter!

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