Doing Things Eco-Style in North Carolina

Well, thanks to some very hard work by folks like Eric Henry at TS Designs and all the skilled, dedicated people along the supply chain, “Dirt to Shirt” is once again not only possible in North Carolina – but also ORGANIC!  Given our name, you can only imagine how happy that makes us.  So, how could we resist when the call went out for T-shirt orders.  Of course, we said “Yes!”

Like anyone else, we love a well-made T-shirt.  We also love our logo, even though we realize we’re not objective.  It just makes us happy to see it, each and every time.  We combined the two, and there you have it.  A shirt that started as a seed right here in North Carolina and ended up as a great T-shirt that has never left the state. Even our graphic designer lives here in the Triangle.

Here are just a few reasons that this shirt is changing your world for the better:

- This shirt did not pollute our water and soil with synthetic poisons.  Not in the field.  Not in the dyeing and screening.

- The seed from this cotton was not genetically modified and therefore did not add to our “franken-food” supply.  We don’t eat cotton you say?  Yup, we do. Cottonseed oil is in many consumer products.  Cotton seeds are fed to dairy and beef cattle.

- You can use the code on the label to get an interactive view of everywhere this shirt has been, from the name of the farmer to the folks who made the fabric and finally your shirt.  If you take this shirt on a trip with you out of the state, that will be the first time it leaves North Cackalacky!

- When this shirt sits on your skin or rubs against your loved ones or ends up in the mouth of your baby, you don’t have to worry about exposure to phthalates and other known disease-causing chemicals.  Those plastic designs on traditional T’s rely on some nasty chemistry to make them stick and keep them pliable.

- One last reason this shirt is different.  When you buy one, you are supporting a company that is in it for you, your children, our planet.


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